CPT News | November 20, 2014

Whole Group Membership In IACP

Why would you want to be a member of IACP?

Here’s why:

IACP Website: IACP’s website remains the single most comprehensive site on all things Collaborative. Resources are constantly updated and include practice aids and tools, ethics articles and opinions, public education materials, scripts, artwork and ads. The website provides each member their own public profile in the only such international data base. 

Public Education E-brochures: IACP has created new public education resources for members. The E-brochure is an interactive web file which is designed to function much like a book. It is free to members and may be downloaded onto member or Practice Group websites or shared via e-mail. 

Annual Networking and Educational Forum: Each year, IACP hosts the single largest gathering of Collaborative practitioners from around the world. This year the conference is in Vancouver from October 23-26. For more information about this year’s Forum being held in Vancouver, British Columbia, visit IACP’s website at www.collaborativepractice.com. IACP members receive significant conference discounts.

IACP Institute: IACP conducts an annual Institute in the spring which typically includes basic training and advanced level multi- day courses. The next Institute will be in the Gold Coast Australia from April 16 – 18, 2015. This provides an alternative learning opportunity for experienced practitioners seeking more in-depth education and those who prefer smaller, more intimate classroom settings. IACP members receive reduced registration fees.

Collaborative Concepts: Education for Collaborative Practitioners: IACP has produced a DVD/CD of five educational videos which are provided to every practice group free of charge. Members may purchase their own copies at a minimal cost. Topics include The Initial Client Interview, Building your Collaborative Practice, The Role of the FP, the Roles of MHP’s on the Team and Advocacy in Collaborative Practice. The DVD/CD set provides affordable learning opportunities, both for individual practitioners and also practice group study sessions.

Monthly Practice Group Development Phone Bridges: Each month, IACP conducts a phone bridge seminar on topics important to the growth of local practice groups. These sessions are presented by experts in the field and are “live” so that members can participate and ask questions. For those who are unable to attend the calls, they post these recordings in the Streaming Audio Library – so that they are available to members 24/7.

Collaborative Review : IACP publishes the only scholarly journal devoted exclusively to Collaborative Practice. Recent editions have addressed the UCLA, the ethics of CP, Collaborative Practice research and Practice Group development. The Collaborative Review is mailed in hard-copy to all members and is also available electronically in the members’ section of the website.

Collaborative Connection: Members receive the bi-monthly e-newsletter, through which they keep the community abreast of developments in the Collaborative world as well as what’s happening at IACP.

Social Networking: IACP has created a Collaborative community blog at www.be-fulfilled.org. It allows for and encourages deeper conversations, videos, photos and serves as yet another mechanism through which collaborative practitioners can connect. IACP also hosts a LinkedIn group – which is open to Collaborative practitioners, whether or not they are IACP members. Those practitioners who are engaged in social networking have multiple platforms through which they can connect.

Research: IACP has recently completed the single most comprehensive research project to date about CP – from the perspective of professionals as well as clients. They have garnered very valuable information from their study and are able to share results with the media, as well as members, for use in educating the public and on-going development of the practice.

Public Education Leaflets: IACP has produced a cost-effective leaflet which provides space for members’ personalized contact details. The leaflets are intended to promote wide distribution of information about Collaborative Practice at minimal expense, while serving as a marketing tool for members.

Public Education Video about CP: They have produced a 20 minutes video about Collaborative Practice, geared towards the public. The video is streamed from the homepage of the IACP website and is also available for purchase at a nominal fee for private use in educating clients, spouses and community organizations.

Model Participation Agreements: IACP retained Byron Sher, a Stanford University Law School Contracts professor and Uniform Law Commissioner on the UCLA Drafting Committee to draft two model participation agreements and guides to  their usage. These are made available to IACP members in a special edition of the Collaborative Review and have been posted in the member’s section of the IACP website. 

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