CPT News | December 8, 2015

The Making Of The Collaborative Practice Toronto Film Clip

In the fall of 2014, CPT started to think about how we could most effectively bring the message of collaborative family law to the wider public.

Jane Huh, a member of the CPT marketing committee, and resident film junkie, came upon the idea of a short 15-second film clip while watching pre-show advertisements in a movie theatre.

Barbara Gordon, co-chair of the CPT marketing committee, along with other members of the committee put the idea into action. Barbara connected with Mike Mills of Studio M, the producers of the annual WestJet Christmas commercials that had met with rave reviews in 2013. The WestJet Christmas commercials struck a tone of warmth and creativity that Barbara wanted to convey in our own 15-second film clip.

Then producer Ellen Bruno agreed to allow CPT to use footage from her film, “SPLIT”, and it seemed the stars had aligned. SPLIT is a powerful film about the experience of divorce through the perspective of children. Its message that adults need to make better choices during divorce is a goal that collaborative family law promotes through its process.

After the idea of a 15-second clip was approved by the Board, the next challenge was to find a way to creatively reduce the essence of collaborative family law into 15 seconds. This was no small task. The CPT marketing committee wanted something that focused on hope for the future rather than the usual acrimony that exists between parties immediately after separation. The clip needed to be child-focused and compelling, highlighting the possible positive outcomes to choosing collaborative family law.

Mike Mills and his amazing team at Studio M came up with the final script for the clip on their first try. Not a word was changed. It was that good. The clip has now run for over a month at two Cineplex theatres and members are getting positive feedback from family, friends, and colleagues. Hopefully the clip will run again soon at Cineplex, but in the meantime if you are interested in viewing the clip, you can watch it below (as well as the trailer for Ellen Bruno’s “SPLIT” film). You will not be disappointed.

15-Second CPT Clip:

SPLIT Film Trailer:

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