CPT News | July 8, 2015

Message from The Chair of CPT – Ellen Nightingale (July 8, 2015)

Like most of you, I welcome the summer as a time to slow down (a little) and recharge. For those of you who can take extended time to travel or just sit on a dock, enjoy – and for those, like myself, who will disappear every Friday and take extra-long long weekends – enjoy. It’s all good.

Here are some of the many things your CPT Board and committee members have been up to.


1. We have gone back to the basics, and set out our goals for CPT:

  • Continue to raise awareness of collaborative practice with the public,
  • Increase members’ competence and confidence to do the work,
  • Deepen the quality of the work we do,
  • Grow our members, and
  • Expand and develop our interdisciplinary team practice.


2. CPT Events – Save the Dates

September 17, 2015 at 5:30pm at Toronto Lawn Tennis Club. An autumn BBQ and Dinner Presentation. Nathalie Boutet presents her energizing and transformative vision of what makes teams succeed and practitioners thrive. How do humans respond to conflict, what are the debilitating effects of strong emotions on a team, strategies to stay focused, and best practices for a healthy practice and successful team work. Special appearance by Jennifer Souzer to speak about upcoming OAFM (Ontario Association for Family Mediation) Conference on September 25, 2015.

December 10, 2015 at 5:30pm Holiday Party at Toronto Lawn Tennis Club. Be sure to join us for eating, drinking and schmoozing.

January 22, 2016 at Toronto Lawn Tennis Club. Rita Pollak and Linda Solomon, internationally renowned trainers and practitioners, will provide a one-day workshop which will explore the meaning of conflict in the collaborative practice. Mark your calendars – registration details to follow.

May 11, 2016, 6:00-10:00pm at Daniels Spectrum/Toronto Artscape, 585 Dundas Street East. “Art Battle” Networking and Fundraising event in support of SickKids. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to support the hospital and showcase the work that CPT does for families and their kids (additional details later in this Message).

September 24-25, 2015 at the Novotel Toronto Centre. OAFM (Ontario Association for Family Mediation) Conference (in collaboration with CPT and OCLF) – “Establishing a full ADR Practice or Doing what you love and getting paid to do it!” Come out and support CPT members presenting a half day on “How to Involve Mediators in CP files”. Three case studies. For more information, click here.

November 23, 2015 First Annual FDRIO (Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario) Conference and November 24-27 FDR Week. Members of CPT, including myself, continue to fine-tune presentations and workshops to be offered during the conference and the balance of the week.


3. New Members

Welcome to the Heidi Surkis-Eisen, who joined CPT since my last Message from the Chair in April.


4. Congratulations to CPT Member, Dr. Linda Ippolito

Be sure to read Linda’s PhD Abstract and Osgoode’s Dean Lorne Sossin’s blog that came out right after Linda’s defense on “Art and Law – Fad or Future?”. Her dissertation focused on reframing group problem-solving and dispute resolution engagement through the shift metaphor of ensemble music-making and through the active use of music as a learning tool. Linda’s Abstract and Dean Sossin’s blog are attached. A big kudos to you, Dr. Linda!!

Read Dr. Linda’s Dissertation Abstract here.

Read Lorne Sossin’s blog article here.


5. Lunch and Learn Series

I want to thank Cori Kalinowski and Cameron Shouldice for hosting their lunch series. The next session is scheduled for Thursday, July 16 from 12:00-1:30pm, with a Q & A from 1:30-2:00pm, at 125 Merton Street, Suite #300, and another session in November. “Good results don’t just happen: keeping the peace and moving it forward starts with good team communications”.

Check the CPT website for details here. Space is limited and these free sessions fill up quickly!


6. Deborah Graham’s Settlement Clinic

The Settlement Clinic: A resource for Family Dispute Resolution Professionals is excited to announce that the next start to the one year Growing Your Settlement Practice program will be on Friday, October 9th. Whether you are a collaborative lawyer, family professional or financial professional, whether you have just completed your collaborative training or you received your training years ago, if you are serious about growing your settlement practice and creating a dream practice with your ideal clients, then this one-year program is for you! The first session is underway and testimonials can be found at www.thesettlementclinic.ca. For more information contact Deborah at deborah@deborahgraham.ca.


7. Wellness Presentation

Victoria Smith and Jane Huh presented on collaborative practice with another “wellness” professional at the Boulevard Club. Very successful and plenty of interest from the audience. Thank you Victoria and Jane!


8. “Split” Trailer

This shorter, modified version of Ellen Bruno’s moving documentary “SPLIT” is being prepared for airing later this year in movie theatres and other locales. Stay tuned for more…


9. SickKids “Art Battle” Networking and Fundraising Event

As announced at our end of year dinner, your Marketing Committee has been working on a wonderful event scheduled to take place on Wednesday, May 11, 2016. It is a benefit for the “SickKids Possibilities Fund”, which directs donations where they are most needed by the hospital. The event itself will be a lot of fun, featuring an Art Battle, wine and event ticket silent auction, and other great activities. Details are in the Save the Date flyer attached below.

We are seeking your help in lining up corporate sponsors to assist with the cost of the event to maximize the donation CPT can ultimately make to SickKids. Potential sponsors should be approached now, as many companies set their sponsorship budgets a year in advance of the event. I attach a Sponsorship Opportunity Letter and the SickKids Letter of Support, along with a brochure regarding the SickKids Possibilities Fund. Please feel free to use any of these materials when contacting potential sponsors. Of course meeting in person with potential sponsors will increase your odds of getting them to commit to the event!

We are providing a cover email that you might use to forward these materials to potential sponsors (if you choose to contact them by email). Barbara Gordon (barb@barbaragordon.ca ) and/or Carrie Heinzl (carrieheinzl@fairmore.ca) will be happy to respond to any questions you might have about corporate sponsorships and the event generally. Here is the draft email:

Good Morning/Afternoon,

SickKids Foundation has invested over $129 million dollars in child health research, learning and care. Corporate support is a critical source of funding for SickKids.  SickKids’ fundraising is driven by the belief that improving the health and well-being of children is one of the most powerful ways to support families and to improve society at large. Collaborative Practice Toronto also believes in putting families first by helping separating spouses to reach creative resolutions that allow families to flourish in their new post- separation realities.

Collaborative Practice Toronto is hosting its 1st annual “Art Battle in Support of SickKids” in Toronto on Wednesday, May 11, 2016.  A donation from [insert the potential sponsor’s name] will provide much needed revenue for The SickKids Foundation’s “Possibilities Fund” (in which donations are directed where urgently needed for education, research or patient care) and  will be recognized as set out in our attached SickKids Benefit Sponsorship Opportunity letter.   We sincerely appreciate your consideration in donating to SickKids Foundation by supporting Collaborative Practice Toronto’s “Art Battle in Support of SickKids” event.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions about our event or about the attached SickKids Benefit Corporate Sponsorship Opportunity and other documents.

Downloadable Materials:


10. Introductory Training-Collaborative-Practice

Your board has recently begun discussions regarding the role, if any, for CPT in ensuring that basic Levels 1 and 2 training is available and offered at regular intervals, locally. To this end, issues being addressed include:

  • CPT-sanctioned introductory training
  • Trainer qualifications
  • Selection of trainers
  • Extent of CPT Support (logistical and/or financial)
  • Timelines

Thank you to the committee members who have taken on this very important task.


11. OCLF Plenary

At the end of April I attended as a representative of CPT at the OCLF plenary. The Chairs and Presidents of collaborative practice groups across the province were invited to attend. It was an exhilarating meeting in which experiences and best practices were shared. It is exciting to see so many dedicated practitioners throughout the province and to hear about their growing collaborative communities.



FDRIO is a recently incorporated organization founded by Hilary Linton, Rick Shields, Thomas Dart and Dr. Barbara Landau. Its goal is to bring together those professionals (collaborative practitioners, mediators, parenting coordinators etc.) who seek to assist families to reduce and manage conflict that arises from their separation. FDRIO plans to operate in six key areas:

  • Create Membership Requirements
  • Create Standards of Practice, Codes of Conduct, Codes of Ethics
  • Create and Administer Professional Designations
  • Provide Services for Members
  • Provide Information to the Public and
  • Provide Advocacy, Education and Marketing

Nicola Savin was invited to attend the inaugural meeting on June 10, 2014, and Nicola and I both attended a recent meeting held in Kitchener on May 23, 2015.

The structure of this organization is still being developed but all involved hope progress can be made with continued dialogue and consultation.


13. CPT Brochures and Marketing Kits

Thanks to the hard work of the Professional Outreach committee we have brochures and marketing kits available. They are a great resource to give to clients. Your clients can pass them on their spouse so they can consider using the collaborative process and you can send them to potential referral sources.

Members who attend any dinner meeting this year will be given 20 brochures at no cost. They are also available for purchase for $10.00 plus HST for 100 brochures, plus shipping, if you are unable to pick them up at a dinner meeting.

The marketing kits are available for purchase at the dinner meetings as well for the low price of $20.00 for 10 kits. The content of the marketing kit is also available to be printed off the CPT website here.


Thank you to the Board and all of the committee members for sharing your talents and your time. We are all better for it.

See you at the “Lawn” on Thursday, September 17th at 5:30pm.


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