CPT News | February 22, 2015

Message From Nicola Savin, Chair of CPT (Feb. 2015)

It is with much pride and some relief that I step down as Chair of CPT on February 26, 2015. I will remain on the board as Past Chair but will hand over the leadership reins to my very capable successor, Ellen Nightingale. It is has been my privilege to serve such a wonderful community of professionals and I could not have had a better board to serve with. I also want to thank our volunteers who have put so much time and effort into many initiatives this past year. They work behind the scenes for the most part and I would like to acknowledge them below and thank them for all their hard work.

Marketing Committee (formerly Public Awareness and Professional Outreach):

  • Co-Chairs- Barbara Gordon and Nathalie Boutet
  • Jane Huh
  • Peter Salah
  • Judy Walsh
  • Andrea Caskey
  • Joanna Seidel
  • Myhang Gibson
  • Sheila Kirsh
  • Sharyn Langdon
  • Jill McLeod
  • Joe Sheridan
  • Carrie Heinzl
  • Nathalie Boutet
  • Barb Gordon

Membership Committee:

  • Chair- Daniella Wald
  • Andrea Caskie
  • Jan Schloss
  • Cori Kalinowski

Professional Development Committee:

  • Co-Chairs- Ellen Nightingale and Victoria Smith
  • Laurie Stein
  • Vivian Alterman

Website Committee:

  • Chair- Deborah Graham
  • Nicola Savin

Governance Committee:

  • Chair- Cameron Shouldice
  • Vivian Alterman
  • Nicola Savin

Access To Justice Committee:

  • Chair- Sheila Brown
  • Jacqueline Peeters
  • Judith Huddart
  • Anne Freed
  • Doug Lamb
  • Eva Sachs
  • Jane Tremblay


New Members

I would like to welcome the following new members who have joined CPT since my last newsletter:

  • Todd Slonim
  • Deanne Sowter
  • Farnaz Mirshahi
  • Tammy Law
  • John Williamson
  • Tatiana Terekhova
  • Annie Yektaeian

I encourage you to reach out to these new members and put them on your referral list. I also hope to welcome them personally at the next dinner meeting on February 26th.


Appointment Of Laura Fryer

A big congratulations to Laura on her appointment to the Superior Court. As many of you may know Laura was, until a few weeks ago a hard working family law lawyer and the President of the Ontario Collaborative Law Federation (“OCLF”). While it is our loss that she will no longer be at the helm of the OCLF we wish her well in her new role as a judge. We know her collaborative training will come in handy.


CPT Events & Training Opportunities

Difficult Personalities: How To Help These Clients Get To YES
On February 26, 2015 Family Professionals and Collaborative Practice Toronto members Laurie Stein and Stella Kavoukian will lead an after-dinner discussion to help you identify and better assist the difficult client.

This year’s Annual General Meeting will be held beforehand and will start at 5:00 PM

For more information on this event, click here.


Lunch Series
Deborah Graham, Cameron Shouldice and Cori Kalinowski will be hosting a series of FREE lunch time seminars at Deborah and Cameron`s office. The first one will be on April 17th at 124 Merton Street, Suite 300 and they will be discussing Initial Consults – burning questions every CP professional should be able to answer in an initial consult! If you are interested in attending please email your interest to lori@grahamshouldice.ca


CPT Events – Save The Date

The CPT dinner meetings will be held on April 9th, June 18th, September 17th and our annual holiday party will be on December 10th. All meetings will start at 5:30 p.m. and are held at the Toronto Lawn Tennis Club located at 44 Price Street in Toronto. Topics for the dinner meetings will be “Bringing the Legal Model into the Collaborative Process”, “The Initial Client Meeting” and we will do case study debriefs.

Registration details to follow.


“Is There a Place for Conflict in the Collaborative Process?” Full day of training: December 4, 2015 at the Toronto Lawn and Tennis Club. We are thrilled to have incredible trainers, Rita Pollak and Linda Solomon come to Toronto from Texas for this event. Learning about our own preferred conflict management style and how to make it work with others will enhance the effectiveness of our collaborative work and may lead to a deeper, more satisfying outcome for the clients.

Click here for more information about Linda.


Establishing A Full ADR Practice or, Doing What You Love & Getting Paid To Do It
Hosted by The Ontario Association For Family Mediation in collaboration with Collaborative Practice Toronto

Pre-Conference: Thursday, September 24th, 2015
Conference: Friday, September 25th, 2015
Location: Toronto, Ontario

Guest Speakers:
Forrest (Woody) Mosten
has been a mediator in private practice since 1979 and is a Collaborative Family Lawyer who specializes in negotiating fair settlements based on informed client consent. Woody is the author of several bestselling books in Mediation, Collaborative Practice, and expanding Legal Access and he travels internationally to train professionals to build profitable peacemaking practices.

Gail Vaz-Oxlade is a Canadian financial writer and television personality who lives in Brighton, Ontario, Canada. Gail hosts the Canadian television series Til Debt Do Us Part, Princess and, most recently, Money Moron and operates the CommonSense Divorce.

For more information on this event, click here.


Other Collaborative Training Opportunities

Collaborative professional development in beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada.
Their excellent collaborative practice training team is offering:

  • Introduction to Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice (August 10 – 11, 2015)
  • Living Your Potential – a powerful, experiential training day (August 12, 2015)
  • Advanced Skills Workshop for Collaborative Professionals (August 13 – 14, 2015)

To register and for more information, click here.


“All In The Family – Bringing Dispute Resolution Professionals Under One Roof”. 
The 1st Annual Conference for the Family Resolution Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario (FDRIO) – November 23, 2015

Details to follow.


New Small Practice Group

If you are interested in joining a small group of interdisciplinary collaborative professionals that meet monthly, so you can make connections, learn from other professionals or if you are a seasoned collaborative professional and want to contribute to the discussions please contact me at savin@bslsc.com. If there is enough interest we will start a new group to be lead by an experienced collaborative professional or we will put you in touch with an existing group.


Here are a few things your CPT board and committee members are working on:

New Continuing Education Requirements For CPT Members  – Last year the Board approved new mandatory annual training requirements. Therefore this year you will need to obtain the required 6 hours of training in 2015 in order to renew your CPT membership in 2016. I therefore encourage you to plan your year to ensure you get your required 6 hours. This can be accomplished with a combination of dinner meetings, small group meetings, lunch seminars and any other interest based negotiation training. If you are not sure if a particular program qualifies, please get in touch with the Co-Chairs of the Professional Development committee, Victoria Smith or Ellen Nightingale.

For more information on training requirements, click here.


New CPT Bylaws

At the General Meeting held in December the members voted to approve the new bylaws which incorporated the recommendations made at strategic planning event held in November of 2013. Specifically, they provide for term limits for all board members and create the position of Past Chair to improve continuity.  Should you wish to review the new bylaws they can be found here.


Hospital For Sick Kids Benefit

The Marketing Committee (formerly the Public Awareness Committee) is pressing ahead planning the benefit that CPT will be hosting for The Hospital for Sick Children which we are working towards holding in the spring of 2016. If you would like to assist with this project please contact the co-chair of the committee, Barbara Gordon at barb@barbaragordon.ca.


Promotional Film Spot For CPT

The Marketing Committee (formerly the Public Awareness Committee) is moving forward with hiring a producer to create a short film advertisement to be used primarily in movie theatres. The content will come from the movie SPLIT and we are finalizing a licensing agreement with the filmmaker so that it can be used by all CPT members on their websites as well. If you have any interest in assisting with this exciting project please contact Barb Gordon at barb@barbaragordon.ca.


International Association of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) and CPT Membership all for one membership fee

Those who have renewed your CPT membership for 2015 will soon be receiving information from the IACP on how to set up your professional profile on their website which will give you access to an incredible array of helpful material and information to assist you with building your collaborative practice.


CPT & Mediate 393

As many of you know Mediate 393 has been doing great work at the court house for some time helping those involved in litigation resolve their dispute though the use of mediation. Deborah Graham, Daniella Wald and I met with the President of Mediate 393, Hilary Linton on a few occasions to discuss working together to ensure those people who want to resolve their disputes out of court are able to do so and also have quality legal advice on their mediated settlement. To that end I undertook to provide her with a Roster of Collaboratively trained lawyers who are interested in getting referrals from the mediators at Mediate 393. The provision of independent legal advice is an essential component of any enduring Agreement and collaboratively trained lawyers are ideally placed to work with the mediators at Mediate 393 to assist them with a resolution of their cases. If you are interested in being on this Roster please email me at savin@bslsc.com. Please provide your hourly rate together with your contact information.


Participation Agreement

Deborah Graham and I have been working on revising the standard Participation Agreement. We are doing this in collaboration with the Durham group and the OCLF, who also have committees working on this. Once I am no longer Chair I hope to devote more time to this so that we can present it to members later this year.


Training Standards

Why do accredited mediators need to get 5 full days of CP training in order to qualify for membership in CPT? That does not make sense to me. CPT is now looking at this issue and we hope to have new training guidelines in place for accredited mediators who wish to join CPT by the end of this year. We expect that they will not have to do all five days of CP training to qualify. Victoria Smith and Deborah Graham are looking at structuring a new training course specifically for accredited mediators who wish to become collaboratively trained. We hope that by doing this we can attract highly skilled interest based professionals to collaborative practice and also work with the OAFM to get similar training discounts for collaboratively trained professionals. If you wish to offer your assistance or feedback on this issue please contact Deborah Graham or Victoria Smith.


CPT Brochures & Marketing Kits

We have brochures and marketing kits available. They are a great resource to give to clients. Your clients can pass them on to their spouse so they can consider using the collaborative process. You can also send them to potential referral sources.

Members who attend any dinner meeting this year will be given 20 brochures free. They are also available for purchase for $10.00 plus H.S.T. for 100 brochures plus shipping if you are unable to purchase them at a dinner meeting.

The marketing kits are available for purchase at the dinner meetings as well for the low price of $20.00 for 10 kits. The content of the marketing kit is also available to be printed off our website here.

I look forward to seeing you at the Toronto Lawn and Tennis Club at the next dinner event to be held on Thursday February 26th. If you have not already registered please click here to register.  


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